Si Tanga The Comedian 1


Tanga the Station Master

Lady   : Is this my train?
Tanga : No, it belongs to the Railway Company.
Lady   : Don't try to be funny. I mean to ask if I can take this train to New Delhi.
Tanga : No Madam, I'm afraid it's too heavy.

Tanga in Court

A drunkard was brought to court.
Just before the trial there was a commotion in the gallery.
Judge  : (pounded the gravel on his table) Order! Order!
Tanga : Thank you, your honor. I'll have a scotch and soda

Tanga the Waiter

Customer 1 : Waiter, do you serve crabs?
Tanga         : Please sit down sir, we serve everyone.

Customer 2 : Waiter, is this a lamb chop or pork chop?
Tanga         : Can't you tell the difference by taste?
Customer 2 : No, I can't.
Tanga         : Then does it really matter?

Customer 3 : Waiter, this soup tastes funny.
Tanga         : Funny? But then why aren't you laughing?

Customer 4 : Waiter, there's a dead beetle in my soup.
Tanga         : Yes sir, they are not very good swimmers.

Customer 5 : Waiter, there's a fly in my soup.
Tanga         : That' s all right sir, he won't drink much.

Tanga         : I've stewed liver, boiled tongue and frog's leg.
Customer 6 : Don't tell me your problems. Give the menu card.

Customer 7 : Waiter, there's a fly swimming in my soup.
Tanga         : So what do you expect me to do, call a lifeguard?

Customer 8 : Waiter, what's the meaning of this fly in my tea up?
Tanga         : I wouldn't know sir, I'm a waiter, not a fortune teller.

Tanga and his Father

Tanga came running into the house after school one day..
Tanga : Daddy! Daddy! I got a 100 in school today!
Father : That's great, my boy! Come in to the living room and tell me about it.
Tanga : Well, I got 50 in spelling, 30 in math's and 20 in science.

Tanga the Thief

Tanga   :Oh ! The police is here. Quick! Jump out of the window!
Partner : But this is the 13th floor.
Tanga   : Hurry! this is no time for superstitions.

Tanga and a Man

Man   : How old is your father?
Tanga : As old as me.
Man   : How can that be?
Tanga : He became a father only when I was born.

Tanga and his Teacher

Teacher : Tanga, why are you late for school again?
Tanga    : Well, Miss, I dreamed that I was playing football and the game went into extra time.

Tanga and the Psychiatrist

An absent-minded Tanga went to see a psychiatrist.
Tanga         : My trouble is that I keep forgetting things.
Psychiatrist : How long has this been going on?
Tanga         : How long has what been going on?

Tanga and his Girlfriend

Girlfriend : Do you love me?
Tanga      : Yes Dear.
Girlfriend : Would you die for me?
Tanga      : No, mine is undying love.

Tanga and his Wife

Wife   : Do you want dinner?
Tanga : Sure, what are my choices?
Wife   : Yes and no.

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